Great products to include in a custom baby gift hamper


Buying gifts for new parents and babies is always a fun experience as there are so many great choices available. If you’re off to a baby shower, the ideal present is something the baby’s mum really needs, but doesn’t even realise it yet. Luckily there are plenty of fun products on the market that fit the bill, and a great way to include several good ideas in one package is to create your own baby gift hamper. These are easily customisable from shops like Baby Hamper Gifts. If you would like to venture out on your own, here are some of our favourite ideas for making your own.

1) A gift tub

Instead of using a more traditional basket, you might actually want to use a plastic tub instead. These come in plenty of different sizes to suit the other items you’re giving, and can be reused to contain the baby’s toys and other gifts, saving the parents extra effort and expense. Continue reading →

Essentials for new parents


Overwhelmed by the never-ending list of items you’ll need when a new baby arrives? Here is a comprehensive list of all the crucial essentials you’re going to need. These will all make your life a lot easier and make sure you’re prepared for any situation so you can focus on enjoying this special time. For even more ideas you can also browse around our blog – the list really does go on forever, but we can help get you started!

Nappy bag

A practical option might not always be the most stylish when it comes to nappy bags, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can get something basic for next to nothing, but if you’re willing to pay around the £100 mark you can find a designer nappy bag that will last you many years to come and still look great. Continue reading →

Collectable Gifts For A New Baby


We have tons of ideas for practical baby gifts, and often the best ideas are ones that continue to have value long after the baby shower. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean toiletries and nappies! For something a bit more outside the box, consider collectible gifts that will increase in value later. There are many ideas that could make a great investment, meaning you can help provide for the new addition to the family in their future. Giving a collectible and unusual gift is a great alternative to simply giving money as a present. Here are some of our favourite examples.

Charlie Bears

These classic and iconic teddy bears and soft toys are hand-made with plenty of love and attention devoted to making each one a valuable investment for the future. Made in the UK, Charlie Bears are now sold all over the world and many of the rarest designs keep going up in value. There are classic teddy bears on offer, as well as other animals and a special range just for babies. Continue reading →

Why exercising when you’re pregnant is so important


We have plenty of experience talking to mothers who have been through different issues with pregnancy and learned a lot along the way. Fortunately we have plenty to share with you which should make yours a bit easier, and hopefully you won’t have to learn some of these things the hard way. We have lots of miscellaneous tips and ideas you might not have thought of which should make pregnancy more enjoyable and less stressful. One of the main ones we highly recommend is to do with exercise, and there are a wide range of options and benefits available to you as an expectant mother.

Firstly, something not everybody thinks of. Being pregnant puts a lot of pressure on your bladder over time, which can cause some embarrassing leaking from time to time. Some women feel like incontinence products are the only option to alleviate this problem, but in fact doing some simple exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your pelvis significantly, eliminating the problem entirely in some cases. Have a look online and take recommendations from friends to find the best routines. Continue reading →

The Complete Pregnancy Checklist


You should really be free to enjoy your pregnancy, as it’s truly a magical time filled with excitement and positive feelings about the future of your family. The safety of your child and yourself should come first, so anything you can do to take the stress off your pregnancy should help, but unfortunately it can feel for many women as if there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done that needs doing before your baby arrives. In fact, it can be hard to know where to even begin.

To help you out, we’ve organised a complete to-do list which works alongside your different trimesters. This should help to simplify the process of preparing and planning, giving you the freedom to focus on relaxing and enjoying this time with your family. This is by no means a list of rules you must stick to, but it gives you some positive ideas that will help ensure you don’t feel like you’re missing something you should have considered earlier. Continue reading →